Friday, 28 January 2011

Shakespeare (Amongst Others) In Love

It's time to get back to promoting poetry and all things romantic again...

Reprise, by Ogden Nash

Geniuses of countless nations
Have told their love for generations
Till all their memorable phrases
Are common as goldenrod or daisies.
Their girls have glimmered like the moon,
Or shimmered like a summer moon,
Stood like a lily, fled like a fawn,
Now the sunset, now the dawn,
Here the princess in the tower
There the sweet forbidden flower.
Darling, when I look at you
Every aged phrase is new,
And there are moments when it seems
I've married one of Shakespeare's dreams.

For those not already in the loop about such things, there are a couple of events in two week's time that might interest the romantic in you. It's of particular interest to those living in London.

Love Poetry,
Poet In The City

For those of you who enjoyed the above poem, and who'd like to have an evening of love poetry on Valentine's Day, either to share the night with someone you love or because it's an alternative to siting at home downing a bottle or two of wine on your own, then please come along to Kings Place on the 14th February.

Tickets £9.50 online.

My previous post about the event is HERE!

Details are HERE!

Meet. Play. Love?
Chapter 2, Are You My Partner?

Last weekend I met up with a bunch of total strangers (plus one friend) and we ended up wandering around an art gallery, discussing in depth what art we appreciated and what, quite frankly, was a bit shit. We then went to a pub, that turned out to be a gay pub with cabaret downstairs, talked about the day out, then some of us went on for pizza to discuss things like tourists who stop at the top of escalators and other random things. The people were a fun crowd, in that they were all quite interesting people with stories of their own, but also very friendly.

So, am I telling you that you've missed some cool event where you could've made a bunch of friends, where you could eat, drink and be merry (and look at art), if only you'd known? Well, not quite. That was Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will hopefully attract a handful more people and could be a meeting anywhere (within London), doing anything (within reason).

And that's where you come in. Or could come in. If you're likely to be in London alone Valentine's Day this will be a great way to not feel so alone. Chapter 2 is kind of pencilled in for the weekend just before the 14th, so you never know, you may actually end up with someone to go out with Monday night. You will, at the very least, leave with a bunch of really cool new friends which is better than a kick in the teeth.

So, yes, sorry... where do you come in? It's simple. On a very practical level it'll be nice to have people turning up. There were about ten of us last time, which was pretty cool, although the question 'Are You My Parner?' was answered pretty quickly by the six people already in relationships, leaving us with three men and one woman still looking. So more single people would be cool, and more women (although I imagine the one woman who was single had no problems with having three single men pay her attention).

On a creative level someone needs to decide what would be a fun thing to engage us all, and all ideas are welcome. There's lots of opportunities to go for something romantic and tied into Valentine's Day, but there's just as many opportunities to rebel against that and go do something random. Allan Wills, who is arranging these events after he found his wife through a similar project, travelled the world and jumped out of planes amongst other things and although we'll probably not be doing anything quite that grand it does help highlight that there are relatively few restrictions on your ideas.

The gallery event was free (the beers and food afterwards not so free, but then that was more a friendly catch up after the event itself), so it doesn't need to be anything that costs money.

My own vague ideas are:

  • Maybe something involving writing or reciting poetry
  • Maybe something at the Globe Theatre on the South Bank
  • Maybe something in Camden Market

I've got no real fully formed ideas, but those are three springboards. If anyone else has ideas feel free to visit the website HERE - or just contact me through your usual channels.

As a footnote I'd add that the AYMP project is currently sitting in London, but it's in it's infancy, and could quite possibly evolve into something a lot larger. I don't know. What I'd really like to say is don't feel you've got nothing to contribute if you're nowhere near London. Maybe you'll find online involvement brings you closer to someone. Maybe something said will encourage you to travel here. Or maybe AYMP will come to you. Who knows?

Meet. Play. Love?

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