Sunday, 16 January 2011

A little heartbreak aint the end of the world

So... there we go. Relatively painless, but actually ended a little more painful than I'd liked. Got to say goodbye, got to hear her story of where she wants to go with her life, got to confirm she's leaving and that there's not some magical way to persuade her to stay.

And, well, after that we just got drunk, and watched several hours worth of South Park, and it would've been rude to try anything by that stage.

Then just one final bowl of soup, a cup of tea, a few more awkward silences and sad looks, and a hug goodbye. Two people at different stages in their lives that might've connected better if things were different. But she's flying out on Tuesday and not coming back.

We plant roses in our hearts hoping they'll bloom into something wonderful, and yet we always plant the seeds where the thorn will do the most damage. And yet we never really learn, do we?

I'll miss her. :-(

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