Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Half a year on...

It's 2016. Time has passed. Things have changed. I'm currently looking for work, and have created a website to act as an online portfolio (you'll find I've put together a blog of sorts tacked onto the end of it, that at least goes back into April of this year... https://simonrjbrake.squarespace.com/blog/)

I've been trying to get some writing done but, to be honest, the attempts to get a website up to showcase my artworking skills has been more important. I've been working on a few roleplaying ideas on the side but reviewing my last post reminds me that I was contacted earlier in the year to see if I wanted to write something for David (and reminds me that I should get it written sooner rather than later). I guess having time away from a job, even when searching for a job, gives me more time to poke around the less visited corners of my life and remind myself of things I promised I'd do.

I did have plans to go to Bristol last weekend, but they fell through a few months ago. I'm not sure when I'll next be free to make the trip, but I've certainly got more time free to write something for David, to read up on some of the things he wrote in order to better pay him tribute.

Here's to you, Dave. Here's to the stories so far left untold, and to those which ended all too soon.