Wednesday, 12 January 2011


"In our troubled world, you hear a lot of folks calling for revolution. Down South, they're calling for evolution."

Bill Hicks

A while ago, in the mists of time, I wrote a blog that talked about how I ended up here, where I am now. Online and wasting valuable time.

It's here ( and is about as close to a Psibreaker 'Origins' story as you're likely to get short of becoming good friends with me and bonding over a weekend in a remote cottage drinking lots. Or in a flat in Amsterdam, after exploring the delights of the city (not the red-lit delights, the other ones). Both of which have been done by people I'm very happy to consider good friends. But I digress.

The END bit of that post, that first real attempt to blog I made after joining Twitter, suggested that it was "a little like the human consiousness, a stream of thought somewhere between pure polished personality and subconsious. It's vital, it's fresh, it's almost fucking alive. Most of all, I feel connected to like-minded people in a way I've not been able to before."

The thing is, I've wondered if human evolution is supposed to take us to a moment when human kind is enlightened, when thoughts can be transferred mind to mind in an instant, when we can all be as one. Cue new age music and twinkly lights. In which case Twitter is a perfect example of technology well outstripping human nature, because it's more like wandering into a crowded pub and hearing everyone trying to make a point at once than it is reaching perfect understanding of the people around us. At least we can tune out the voices we don't want to hear. Or just shout at them a lot and grind our teeth, and make angry noises.

The thing is, until mankind CAN all see eye to eye, all connect on that higher level, there will be arguements about what exact evoluntionary path we're supposed to be taking anyway. And I think that's going to be going on a long time.

Me, I'm just going to find some friends I can get along with and hold tight, enjoying the ride as long as I can. I'll keep myself evolving as long as I've breathing, developing, learning, growing, passing on wisdom or laughter or anything I can sell to make a few quid.

And then maybe I'll see you on the other side.

The evolution will not be televised. :-)

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