Monday, 17 January 2011

It Can't Rain All The Time...

...but it'll damn well try.

I've not really been motivated to do much this morning. I was in the mood for maybe writing some miserable poetry, which I suppose is better than nothing, but I had a book review to write and post online, which was perhaps more productive. I'm not really looking forward to my volunteer work today, as I've no idea how I'm going to bounce in all smiling. At least with the graphic design work I don't have to be happy - I can just bury myself in work for a bit.

I'm going to be like this for a few days, I think. This may mean I'm not online much. And it may mean I go seek proper human interaction with some of you until I can snap out of it.

Meanwhile, on other internet sites, I've been compared with this guy. For he always seems to be walking in the rain. I'm sure it's a metaphor.

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