Friday, 3 July 2009

The Follow Friday Blog

Today's Twitter #followfriday is promoting those who have good blogs worth taking a peek at. Here's a quick list, with a quick quote lifted from each. This list may be amended later.

@camiknickers “Hey buddy. Thanks for your advances. I’m afraid I want your friendship more than I want your cock. If that’s going to be a problem, fuck off. Sincerely etc. camiknickers”

@crazehkitteh “i'm sorry if today's post has not stimulated you intellectually, but gimme a break! I'm a Gemini remember, so I can assure you there are further rants in progress.I JUST WANT TO BE NICE TODAY, is that ok???”

@davesusetty “So, much to everyone's amazement, Susan Boyle didn't win Britain's Got Talent. And other sad news, the last survivor of the Titanic disaster, Millvina Dean, died at the age of 97. However, BBC News got their wires crossed somewhere along the line....”

@ElleSergi “One part writer, one part historian, one part loon. I am three! I am a magic number. I also hate marmite, and really should sleep more.”

@EmApocalyptic “You know, I think writers might be a bit weird. Please don’t be offended, but I think we are rather strange and obsessive. We make up worlds, make up people, spend hours and hours and hours writing about them…”

@ememess “When I was a kid, bin men had an aura, a mystique, something of the night about them: fierce, semi-mythical beings who came with the dawn and hefted sacks of household trash into the grinding back-ends of their trucks, before rumbling ominously away.”

@Eyglo “As an aspiring writer I am constantly looking at other people’s works. Interested in how they came up with their ideas, how they write and why. Twitter is a great platform to know a little bit more about these things, so for the past few months I’ve been semi-obsessed with Twitter too.”

@hatmandu “Maybe it’s time to start killing things off, and having ideas for new stories, instead of keeping the same ones going at the expense of all the sense.”

@Herring1967 “I smiled back at him for a second, confused at what had amused him, but then realised it was probably my moustache. It had come at him by surprise and everything had happened so quick that he couldn't stop himself laughing in my face. Which isn't great customer service, but I can't really blame him. After all it's a funny moustache and I am trying to reclaim it for comedy.”

@Itxi_Itx “Never feel guilty about stuff that's pleasurable. Unless its something freaky that you really shouldn't be doing, of course.“

@jamiesmart “For me, any comic that has the phrase ‘bum rush’ in it should be automatically approved.”

@JaneyGodley “My life is officially over, gone are the days when I could sleep till 3 o’clock like a right good comedian. I am going to be like one of those old ladies who wake up at 6am, put on a housedress and then fall asleep on the sofa listening to The Archers.”

@JhonenV “Friendship is a wonderful and restorative thing when it is in its good and proper form, a life-affirming and sometimes simply life-sustaining state that few people or cartoon animals can do without..”

@juliansimpson “What the… Who the… Where the fuck am I?”

@Julirose “On one occasion, I ventured into dalnet to find my usual chatroom empty, so I randomly clicked on another (#bdsm-uk). Well, there went a very preconceived notion about sex in the UK!”

@mandoran “Today was a brilliant example of what the Norwegians call ‘agurk’ news. Literally it means cucumber news”

@nashg “There have been odd exceptions, but in general, I find that people just irritate me. They either want something, or they are dull but insistent, or scary, or arrogant, or just out on day-release.”

@necol66 “COMING SOON: my strange and weird story about killer gnomes. YES THATS RIGHT, I SAID KILLER GNOMES...”

@purplesime "Okay, I admit there have been some inconsistencies. But it's nothing major, get over it!"

@rebeccawoodhead “I’m beating Cheryl Cole!”

@sarahjpin “If you rely on people loving you for your face, then you're fucked. They've got to love you for your smile and what's behind it. Because when the pretty fades, the smile shouldn't.”

@waitingword “The hurts of our yesterdays all too often have a profound affect on how we love and are loved (or do not love, and are not loved) tenderly today.”

@warrenellis “Off To The Pub!”

The following don't really have Blogs, but their Twitter accounts work just as well enough...

Representing the guys we have...


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That's it for now, but feel free to check in later. I'm sure I'll be digging up a last few names before the end of the day!

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